We’re stirring up some excitement!

Gumbo Machine, LLC is a software firm based in the United States, cooperating with developers and artists from around the world. We believe in pin-pointing the desires of various markets, and providing them a quality product along the way! Our very first release was Battle Rockets™, a hybrid "SHMUP Fighter" starring characters inspired by the game console market. This project was released on PS Vita® on March 31, 2020, and received a comprehensive update on March 31, 2021. We have released an iiRcade® version on February 18, 2022; eventually, players can expect to see Battle Rockets™ arrive on various other platforms. Also available is a game known as Ultra Mission™. This title is inspired by the arcade shooters that time forgot, featuring 20 labyrinthine levels. Ultra Mission™ has launched on PS Vita® and iiRcade®, with other platforms expected to receive this game in the near future.

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Illustrations provided by Mauro Fonseca and Dix-Neuf.